We had a short meeting today in which we divided all responsibilities for deliverables:

All paper parts due on Google Docs by Friday night.  Visualizations due by
Thursday / Friday

Sub-team will do final composition of paper on the weekend.
Saturday 4:30 PM online meeting

Outline for presentation prior to Sunday’s meeting – Andrew

Initial meeting for presentation on Sunday (6:00 PM at AMER’s on Church St.)
Meeting on Monday (11:00 AM – 1:00 PM at AMER’s on Church St.)

Presentation Monday night 5:00 PM 409 West Hall  !!!!

Introduction – Jason

Visualizations – Aakash / Gaurav / Moon
Describing how the data is being represented and why.

Budgeting / Return on Investment – Andrew

Mitigation of Risk – Aakash
Legal liability

Conclusion – Rachel
Can we count on your support???

Bibliography – Rachel

And we even developed the beta version of our mock-up for HR:

Human Resources Interface

Human Resources Interface


Gaurav and Aakash have completed our alpha mock-up for Project Twine!

Human Resources Employee Screen

Human Resources Employee Screen

Employee Interface

Employee Interface

We have partitioned the paper and other work for the deliverables:

1. Andrew, Rachel and Jason are working on the paper this week
– Jason working on the “Our Solution”
– Rachel working on literature review
– Andrew working on Budgeting and ROI
2. Moon, Aakash, Gaurav working on the visualizations this week

During our meeting, Jason showed his brief powerpoint presentation about the “magic” or system design of Twine.  We also addressed many of the topics and issues we uncovered and have been working on thus far.  We covered the following:

1. See where everyone’s at with their subtasks (Aakash & Guarav =
Visualizations; Rachel & Andrew = client UI; Jason & Moon = Magic)
2. Decide on “unified” UX for consistancy sake (Gaurav, I think you’d be
a good candidate to do this) between client UI and the various
3. Determine who needs Photoshop help to get some mockups ready to go. It
will be up to each group to ask for help and determine times
4. Determine deliverables for next week (I think we should start to draft
the final paper, continuing with what we have on Google Docs).

Our first Twine mock-up is complete:

User Prompt Widget

User Prompt Widget

Additional Media  below.


We met today to create an outline for the paper deliverable and in order to discuss some sketch ideas for visualizations.

Sketch 1

More images after the jump.


After meeting with Dr. Winfield, Jason and Moon proceeded to develop a high-level system design for Twine.  Essentially this is a brief overview of the guts, or inner workings, of the system that can be approached broadly and practically with sufficient time and resources.  Shown below is the diagram generated from our meeting:

Our high-level design schematic for Twine

Our high-level design schematic for Twine

Meeting minutes are given below.


Team Twine met in order to combine our research efforts over the past few weeks.  First Jason and Moon described the results of Dr. Winfield’s interview (soon to be posted).

Rachel and Andrew presented the results from their meeting concerning the incentivation and motivation of microblogging in the enterprise, as well as client-side user experiences.

  • Name displays and public recognition for contribution
  • Options for anonymity and privacy options

Aakash and Gaurav presented their findings about user interfaces for HR and clients.

For employees:

  • Auto-completion possibilities
  • Provide feedback and contextual actions
  • Easily accessible (i.e. integrated) interface and subsystems
  • Limitations to prevent excessive use and potential for abuse
  • Rewards for contributions

For HR:

  • Information aggregation provided over historical time frames (monthly, weekly, etc.)
  • Critical mass of information should engender action
  • Visualizations should provide apt information (long-term tracking, live feeds, morale rating, graphs)
  • Critical mass itself should be deterministically calculated and respond possibly organically to user input

Moon and Jason’s findings will be posted in the next topic.  Minutes after the jump.


Jason and Moon met with Dr. Winfield, the manager of the UHS at the University of Michigan, to determine the value and potential efficacy of a system such as our proposed Twine.  Overall, Dr. Winfield indicated that a system like Twine may present itself as a distraction to employees, and despite any benefits that he would be resistent to adopt any technology with the potential to act as a distraction.  However, we were able to assess a few salient points introduced by Dr. Winfield:

  • Security is a potent issue for any organization and particularly those in the health industry
  • Anonymity would annul HR’s ability to respond to individual concerns
  • Introduce sampling techniques to elucidate information from noise
  • Distraction is a significant problem that needs to be addressed

Dr. Winfield also gave us contact information for Tim Wood, Senior HR Director for UM who might be willing to sit down for an interview with our team.  Minutes are given below.